Horse trail ride report to LBJ Grasslands in Texas

LBJ Grasslands, or The Grasslands as its known, consists of 20,000 acres of preserved grass and woodlands in North Central Texas. Its located in Wise County, north of Decatur Texas. Thanks to the US Forest Service and the Endurance horse and Competitive Trail organizations, there are a number of excellent horse trails.

During our stay at the grasslands we were treated to brilliant full moons and glorious multi-colored sunsets.
Here’s a photo from our sunset ride. Pam, the owner of the local bed and breakfast, is a passionate equestrian and was kind enough to accompany us on a sunset ride to show us the best viewing points.


I know the picture is dark, but it gives you a decent idea of how colorful the sky was at sunset. After the sun went down we rode back
to the stable in the dark. Our eyes had adjusted to the light and we had no problem seeing our way.

Our friend Christel and her paint horse Lakota accompanied us on our trip and clocked a number of trail miles.


Below is a day time view of some of the countryside in the Grasslands. There is a nice variety of woods and open fields of native grasses, hence, the Grasslands.

There are a number of water sources in the Grasslands including lakes and a windmill that pumps water into a large trough. The windmill is a local landmark and a gathering place for riders. During our stay we used it as a staging area to plan our rides.

Horses drinking from trough

Lakota and Boston loved getting out in the open and eating grass in an open field. After a long ride, we let the horses be horses and relax.

Would I return? In a heartbeat! I loved the Grasslands and the folks I met there. There is a nice variety of trails, water, a choice of camping or lodging, plus peace and quiet. Actually, I’ve already been back since I wrote this article and hope to go again soon.

Two horses grazing in green pasture.

If you’re thinking of going you can camp out in the Grasslands or check out my review of the nearby Grasslands horse bed and breakfast.