Horse Job Ideas – Monetizing your interest in horses

With the downturn in the economy, everyone is looking for ways to add to the family income. Here are a few horse related job or money making ideas for drumming up extra cash.

Sell old tack or unused riding clothes
When I look in my tackroom, I see several old saddles I picked up over the years that I don’t use anymore. Some came with horses I bought, some were special purpose saddles for activities I no longer pursue, some just plain don’t fit any of my current horses. Most of my friends tackrooms are the same way.

Why not reclaim some space in your tackroom and generate some much needed cash by selling some of that old tack. Two simple ways to sell things fast are Craigslist and Ebay. Neither require extensive web knowledge. I have sold two horses on Craigslist in the last year and had a large number of inquiries. It was free and easy.

How about those old fancy show boots or riding coats you haven’t worn in ten years and don’t even fit anymore? Nostalgia is not a good reason to keep something. Sell it and add some jingle in your jeans.

Rent out that extra stall in your barn or space in your pasture
Many people who have their own barns, have an extra stall or two. Consider renting it out for extra cash. This may require you to do extra work, but it might help make the mortgage payment in a pinch. Make any perspective renter sign a liability release. Most of my friends who lease stalls offer full care. This way they don’t have to worry whether the renter will take care of the horse properly or not. It puts the burden on you, but you can charge more for full care than just renting pasture space.

Have an indoor arena or riding ring? Allow haul in visitors to use it for a day fee
Many folks who have built their own indoor riding arenas offer to let outsiders use it for a day fee. Some people set up 1 -2 nights a week to reserve the ring, others use it on an as-needed basis. Don’t have an indoor, but have a nice lighted outdoor? You too can rent out your ring. Many people work and don’t have a place to ride in the evenings. They would gladly pay for using your ring in the evenings to they can keep their horses fit and show ready.

Lease out or sell that extra horse you’re not riding much
So many of us collect horses. We hang on to them for years after we’ve moved on to other riding horses. Today’s economy may make us rethink letting all the horses stand idle. You could sell the not used horse to a good home, but if that is too drastic, you might consider leasing it. There may be a family who would take excellent care of the horse if they didn’t have to buy the animal and absorb all the costs. IF you could lease the horse, it could earn its keep and help you stay afloat.

Host a clinic at your stable and get a percentage of the profits
Weekend horse clinics are the rage. From natural horse training to specialty clinics on desensitatization and barrel racing, often the only time busy equestrians have to further their education is weekend clinics. Why not team with an expert (or if you are an expert), host a weekend horse clinic at your barn for extra income.

Offer to ride/train/condition horses
Are you a good rider and have some spare time? Put it to good use. Offer to work or train people’s horses for extra money. Many people who have to travel as part of their job will gladly pay a good rider money to keep their horse in condition.

Get a job at your local tack store
Tack stores prefer to hire people who are knowledgeable and pulled into the horse world. It makes sense, if you know how to fit a saddle on a horse, your expertise can insure the person buying a saddle is happy with their purchase. If you know the right way to wear a western hat, you can instruct that new horseperson looking for western wear the proper way to wear their new show clothes.

Offer riding lessons for extra income
If you’re a good rider, you might consider sharing your knowledge by offering riding lessons. Teaching is a good way to improve your own skills. Who knows, you may get so good at teaching it turns into a full time job for you.

Be a caretaker for a ranch or camp during their off season
Okay, this option may not be for everyone. However, if you’re in a bind and housing has become an issue, consider becoming a caretaker for a ranch or camp. This might not only solve your housing problem, but give you a place to keep your horse.

You can find these opportunities by searching Google for “ranch caretaker” or something similar. These are real jobs. Many are in remote locations. For the right person, this might be a fun adventure.

Have ideas you want to share? Let us know your thoughts on finding horse jobs and extra income that are horse related. Good luck!