Favorite Horse Song Videos

By Chris, Five Star Ranch Staff Writer

Horses have inspired authors, artists and song writers for centuries. In this article, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite horse song videos.

Palomino by Mary Ann Kennedy Beautiful song about a palomino horse. Mary Ann’s voice is smooth and sensitive. Makes you want to ride a golden palomino.

America – A Horse With No Name One of the best known 70’s hits by the band America. When I listen my mind goes to the US West and Indian country.

No Reins by Rascal Flats. I’m a country music fan so when I saw this video of horses put together with this Rascal Flats video, I was excited. Really great videos of mustangs and other horses galloping.

Black Horse and Cherry Tree was a big hit for Scottish singer KT Tunstall. I love the upbeat tempo and images of a big black horse.

Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy Michael’s voice is so smooth you can’t get tired of this song.

White Horse by Taylor Swift I got to see Taylor in Concert a few years ago and she did a beautiful job on this song. Okay, this song isn’t so much about a horse but the song is good.

Girls and Horses by Templeton Thompson. Templeton is a true horse woman and this song speaks to other horse women. Any person who has cried on her horses neck will relate to this song.

When I Get This Pony Rode by Templeton Thompson This is one of Templeton’s newest songs and anyone who has worked with a challenging horse wil love this song.

Spirit Horse by Mary Ann Kennedy Well known singer Mary Ann Kennedy is well known for songs about horses and this is one is cool to watch. Her friend David Lichman is a 5 Star Parelli instructor and the video shows him working some of his horses at liberty to the music.

Wild Horses sung by Susan Boyle This is my favorite version of this song. Its originally a Rolling Stone song but Susan turns it into an elegant smooth experience. This video also includes a little background about Susan’s journey.