Mustang Magic Show – Ft Worth, TX

Mustang Magic Show – Ft Worth, TX

By Christine Churchill, Five Star Ranch Staff Writer

Mustang Magic 2011 Contestants

The Mustang Magic show is the wild mustang event that is held in conjunction with the Ft Worth Stock Show. The mission of the show is to faciliate the adoption of wild mustangs and to showcase the training talents of mustang trainers.

The photo at the top of the page from the 2011 show but I will be posting videos and photos from the 2013 show here. The trainers always do an amazing job with the mustangs. The mustang perform despite whistles, clapping, cheers, and other loud noises from the audience. These are well broken, gentle horses trained by some of the best trainers in the country.

Mustang Desert Dan

The Mustang Magic show has five components to the judging. First there is a handling score where the trainer works the horse in a small round pen. This is worth 10 points.

Second is a Body Condition Score also worth 10 points. Then there is a trail segment called the combined leading / riding obstacle course which is worth a whopping 40 points. Then there is a Reining Class which was held Friday night and was worth 40 points.

Jerry Jones and Short Stack

On Saturday night they announced the top ten finalists who then performed a compulsory maneuvers and a freestyle performance.

The horses were amazing. We had to be continually reminded that these horses only had 100 days of training. Some of the mustangs only had 60 days of saddle, yet they were performing flying lead changes better than most trained mounts.


The winners of the 2011 Muastang Magic were (I’ll be posting 2013 results and videos later):

Mustang arriving in new home

  1. Teryn Muench riding Maverick
  2. Miranda Holaday Lyon
  3. Jerry Jones on Short Stack
  4. Bill Lopez on Cowboy’s Dream
  5. Logan Leach on Eastwood
  6. J-D Weisigner on Funky Gold Medina
  7. Chase Dodd on Peyton
  8. Joe Misner on Latigo
  9. Marc Chancey on Dirty-Flirty
  10. Mark Lyon on Peptos Night Out

The show was extra exciting to me because my friend Tim who was with me at the show adopted the number 9 placed horse Dirty (aka “Flirty”), trained by Marc Chancey. Dirty (now named “Reno”) now lives in our barn and is doing great. You can see a photo of Tim and his newly adopted mustang as they arrived home.