Horse Training Never Ends

There are many horse disciplines everything from the refined classical dressage to mounted shooting.  I am a big believer that horses should be cross trained in different disciplines to be well rounded.

All of our horses start with a solid foundation of groundwork.  Most of mine I’ve taken through Parelli to level 2 because it makes them quieter and easier horses to be around.  Since we frequently have novices visiting who want to see the horses, having horses who are reasonably safe is a big deal.  Any horse can hurt you or step on you, but it lessens the chance if they have respect for their human counterparts.

Most of our horses are trained in both western trail, some reining maneuvers and dressage (both classical and cowboy dressage).  This cross training makes them obedient responsive horses who will sidepass to a gate, stand quietly while we mess with the gate, and then canter off in a lead depart on whichever lead we choose.  Since my favorite riding pass time is on the trail, doing homework in training in the arena means I’ll have a more enjoyable ride because my horse knows the rules.

I’ve included articles and stories from some of the clinics and training adventures we have had.  I feel you can never stop learning about horses and disciplines.  You have to remain a sponge for knowledge no matter how many years of riding you’ve done.