Stacy Westfall Videos including Bridleless Freestyle Reining Video

Stacy Westfall Freestyle Reining Videos

By Chris, Five Star Ranch Staff Writer

If you’re into horses and riding, you area probably familiar with the name Stacy Westfall. In 2008, Stacy became the first woman to win the Ride to the Horse competition and she has continued to wow audiences with her amazing freestyle reining rides ever since. Her main web site is

The following are some of my favorite videos of Stacy Westfall’s rides.

  • Stacy Westfall FreeStyle Reining video at Congress 2011 The video below is Stacy’s winning ride at Congress 2011 show. She makes riding bridleless look easy (its not!).
  • Stacy Westfall 2006 Reining Ride Dedicated to her Dad – The video quality isn’t fantastic, but the content is INCREDIBLE. The communication between Stacy and her horse is total inspiration. Listen to the crowd’s reaction when she takes off in a gallop bareback and bridleless.

    Stacy Westfall was the first woman to compete in and win the Road to the Horse competition. In this video the reining champ gives a demonstration of freestyle reining complete with spins, flying lead changes, full gallops around the arena – you will be impressed.
    If you enjoyed the first one here’s another one of Stacy in action.

    Okay, below is one last one of Stacy riding to Riders in the Sky. She makes flying lead changes look sooooo easy. Check out the end where she backs nearly the length of the arena.