Friesian Horses

My Friesian ZegnaMy main riding horse for the last decade was a beautiful Friesian mare.  She passed away this past summer.  Although I have other horses, that mare left a big hole in my heart.

Friesians are amazing horses.  Sure, they are beautiful, but they are soulmates.  My mare was sassy but she had a heart of gold.  We did everything together and I knew what ever crazy thing I wanted to try, my mare would give it her all.  She had amazing heart.

Something I learned about Friesians is that they are brave and loyal.  She was definitely my girl.  She had a special nicker that was for me.  It probably meant “Hey, hurry up with the food lady!” but I recognized that nicker and it always brought a smile to my face.  I remember once at a clinic in a strange barn, I had tied her up to a fence while I ran back to the trailer for something.  My friend said my horse stood there staring at the door and calling until I re-appeared.  I was “her” person.

My mare and I did parades together and many miles of trails.  We also did clinics – everything from cow clinics to dressage.  I used her to move cows and to scale mountains.  There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try.  She was one well rounded girl.  I will miss her.