My Favorite Collection of Horse Videos

By Chris, Five Star Ranch Staff Writer

Here’s my all time favorite collection of horse videos.

  • WEG2006 Freestyle Dressage – Andreas Helgstrand – Be prepared to be in awe of Blue Hors Matine – a nine year old gtay mare who danced her way through the Freestyle Dressage Final. You don’t have to be a dressage expert to enjoy this incredible performance.
    Watch in the video below.

  • Cat Herding – The video clip below became famous after the SuperBowl came a few years ago. It’s still my favorite and even after watching it 50 plus times I continue to crack up whenever I watch it. My favorite scene is the cats swimming across the river.
  • Patches – The horse that lives like a member of the family. Talented horse rides in a car, fetches drinks from the refrigerator, and sleeps in a bed. Very cute.
  • Budweiser horses on the Range video – Humorous clip by Budweiser showing their famous draft horses playing football with buffalos, sheep and other critters. Funny. See below.

  • More Budweiser horses. Budweiser has done a fantatic job of making a series of video ads with horses – the ads are so good you’ll want to watch multiple times and even share with your friends. In the video below the horses are in a snowball fight. I really like how the playful personality of the horses comes through in this video. See it below.

  • Mule vs Mountain Lion – This version of the famous encounter has been put to music. Mules are incredible animals and folks out West know they will stand their ground to predators. Cute little song and pictures of the mule taking the mountain lion on. Note: The name of the video is One Bad Ass as in One Bad Mule. Its clean other than the name.

    I’ll be adding to this list as I find more. If you know of other great horse videos, let us know via Feedback. We welcome your input.
    and we’ll add it to our list.