Trail Riding

RRiding the trailsiding the trails on horseback is my passion.  I live for it.

Years ago we chose trail riding as a family activity.  My daughter and husband took riding lessons for several years and then we did family vacations that took us to scenic areas with riding trails.

As a child there were many places to ride on local farms but as the world became more developed, most of the time we have to haul to places to ride.  This is the reality of life today for most trail riders.  We need to protect the riding areas we have and let elected officials know horse back riding is in demand.

Based in Colorado and Texas, we haul frequently and ride in many of the nearby states.  Each place has its own unique beauty.

My husband loves photography, so trail riding in places with incredible scenery is a big plus.  For ladies wanting to get their husbands to ride, if they like to take pictures or hike, trail riding is a great way to get them on a horse and get them hooked.

In the trail riding section of this site I’ve included a variety of articles related to the trail.  Hopefully some of our experiences will benefit you.